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YIELD Project 2016 


The first Youth Initiative for Entrepreneusship Development Training was planned and executed from February to May of 2016

The Training Initiative
In order to adequately provide Youths-In-Need (Y.I.N) with the relevant opportunities that would allow them to gain the requisite skills to compete in the labor market, while at the same time equipping them to become a source of necessary skilled manpower that our country desperately needs now, the MADAM THESSY NKADI ISEMEDE FOUNDATION launched the Youth Initiative for Empowerment and Leadership Development (Y.I.E.L.D) Project.
It is a 3 months program geared at…
1. Providing them with relevant business trainings and tools;
2. Giving them a platform to synergize on a sustainable basis,
3. Helping them to grow their wealth with a sense of responsibility and accountability,
4. Helping them to become self-reliant and employers of labor by creating avenues for employment and thereby contributing to the rebuilding and reconstruction of their respective communities.
The Reason for this Initiative
Youths-In-Need can be found in a large majority of the world’s cities, with the phenomenon more prevalent in densely populated urban hubs of developing or economically unstable regions, particularly on the African continent. The causes of this phenomenon are varied, but are often related to domestic, economic, or social disruption; including, but not limited to poverty, breakdown of homes and/or families, political unrest, cultural or religious factors, sexual, physical or emotional abuse, domestic violence, mental health problems and substance abuse.
There is therefore the need to get a critical mass of well-meaning individuals and public/private organizations such as you to be consistently involved and partner with us in this initiative.
The Youths undergo a 1 month psychological and leadership training that aims at changing their mindset as some of them have a compensation mentality and not a change agent mentality. At the end of the 1 month, they are usually fired up to wanting to make a difference in their world.
After the 1 month, they are paired up with mentor-trainers who are professionals in their field for another 1 month period focusing on practicals and hands-on, while in the last month they are assisted to set up and run their businesses, The foundation/mentor continues to be available to work with the team whenever he/she is needed.
The two main ‘Enterprise Groups’ we are engaged in for now are:
• Agro Enterprise Group [Crop/livestock Production & Marketing; Food Production & Sales; Agro inputs/ sales & distribution.]
• Creative Arts Enterprise Group [Fashion design; Photography; Arts and Craft].
In December 2016 a collaboration with the FCT Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)was secured to officially identify 30 internally displaced young people who the foundation successfully trained for a 3 months Business Academy Enterprise Development Program,
With a grand Total of N9,460,000.

Below are pictures of trainees from our 2016 YIELD Batch A set.