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Madam Theresa Nkadi Isemede


About Theresa Nkadi Isemede (Nee Anyanwu)

May be it was the sight and sounds of the war of the 60s, because she was in the thick of it, or maybe it was the fact that she came from a family where her parents taught her to care and to love, or maybe it was a special gift and call of our Lord Jesus, or a combination of all these, but one thing you cannot deny; one thing that permeates your being when you come around Theresa Nkadi Isemede is her unconditional and uncompromising love for all. Her calm and her confident dispositions that suck you in, assuring you that everything is going to be alright.
THERESA NKADI ISEMEDE (Nee Anyanwu) was born into the family of Obi Iloba Josiah Anyanwu of Umuanu-mudu quarter Umuagu, Oshimily local government area of Asaba in the then Bendel state. In 1945, Enugu then popularly known as the coal city received the little girl and became the city where she was born. One could say she was born into a titled family because her parents subsequently became crowned with title of Nna IGWE and NNE IGWE; Obi's in Asaba now in Delta state. Most would eventually say she had a queenly disposition. She is the first girl and the 4th child in a family of 8 children that had 3 girls and 5 boys. The schools she attended included: Ogbele Primary School, Enugu; Modern School; Sewing Institution (Wilson) Aba, headed by Margaret Ekpo; Nursing School Umuahia, Onocha Olona T.T.C, Onocha-Olana in Shimili North LGA, Delta state.
In the year 1968 she met and married the love of her life, Mr. Sunday Patrick Isemede, who at that time was serving with the Nigerian Army. Interestingly, both met during the war at a cousin's place, for them it was love at first sight and their love story, in the thick of the Biafra war is a tale for another day. The marriage was blessed with 6 children, 5 boys and a girl. Because she was married to a military person, she and her kids moved quite a bit from one state to the other with her husband. States like Lagos, Kaduna, Niger, and Imo were a number of places where she lived. In these places, she demonstrated her proficiency in business by running various small businesses to support her husband and family.
After a few years and a few kids, she decided to further her education by getting a Teacher’s Certificate; a profession she embraced with passion and zeal, seeing every child as hers. Her training as a teacher would further enhance her conviction of the need for every child to have the right to education. And also helped to stir further to flame her desire to start an orphanage that would house and train those who are less privileged and destitute. Her children grew up seeing and hearing her talk about these dreams. She would always say to us to treat every human being with respect and love because every human being is a master piece created by God. In her dialect she would always say "onye gbasia ochelu ibeya" which she usually translated to mean we should treat people right and help whenever the opportunity arises because tomorrow the people you think are no bodies may just be the people GOD will use to be a blessing even to you
Her friends would say of her she was a woman full of wisdom, a tower to run to when they were going through challenges as life would sometimes throw our way. Her brothers and sisters would say of her, she was the rallying point and the voice of reason, her husband would say she was the best thing that ever happened to him, and a relationship he treasures and still thanks God for. Her children would say of her she is the MOSES of our life, showing us the Promised Land, the principles and values of God. Theresa Nkadi Isemede NEE Anyanwu was a woman who like Martin Luther had a dream and a vision which over time and hopefully until Jesus comes would continue to inspire and to empower one person at a time.